Dustless Blasting

What is Dustless Blasting

Everything in the world is either painted or coated and whether its just dirty, worn or both dustless blasting can restore or provide the proper surface to make anything look new again.

Dustless blasting is revolutionary paint stripping and cleaning system that can remove virtually any coating from any surface.


  •  Residential / Light Commercial
  • Commercial / Industrial
  • Heavy Industrial / Infrastructure  
  • Automotive
  • Fleet vehicles
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Wood restoration
  • Marine
  • Graffiti removal
  • Brick/Concrete
  • The list is endless to what can be restored with vapor blasting. 

Eco Friendly

Dustless blasting mixes water and various media's driven by a high pressure compressor. The most commonly used media is recycled crushed glass.  Recycled crushed glass allows for a safe environment for all wildlife and plant life.

Totally Mobile we come to you and leave no mess.

We can come to your location or if you prefer you can bring your items to us.

In some cases we can pick up and deliver your finished item to you ready for you to paint. You may chose one of our coatings and we will bring your item to you completely blasted and coated.

Need Something Cleaned

We can clean any surface with the dustless blaster. No job to small or to large or to tough.