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In the state of Michigan over 2 million tons of salt is used annually to clear snow and ice.

We began applying durable polyurea coatings several years ago and soon realized that a coating is only as good as the surface preparation. Finding and relying on a third party to provide the surface prep soon became a challenge so we took the bull by the horns and after much research and demo's of various blasting equipment we have settled on the dustless blasting technology. We now have control of the entire process providing you with the best possible complete solution for your blasting and coating needs. Whether you need just blasting done or a complete coating solution we can meet your needs.

Surface preparation

Mower decks take a beating. With the proper surface preparation and a durable coating a mower lasts.

Up to 80% of all coating failures can be directly attributed to inadequate surface preparation. Our dustless blasting DB800 portable unit has the capacity to create good profiles to ensure the best possible adhesion for any coating or paint.

Coating solutions

A mower deck coated with 60 mills of polyurea makes maintenance simple and stops grass build up.

Polyurea is the latest advancement in coating technology, proving the best of all worlds. Its extreme durability makes it 20 times strong than epoxy. It's chemically resistant to salt, oil, gas and other harsh chemicals

There are several choices depending on your needs. Whether its a Aromatic, Polyaspartic or a hybrid blend we have you covered.

  • Its 98% more flexible than epoxy
  • Polyurea won't crash or peal with proper surface preparation
  • Polyurea has little to no VOC's making it more environmentally green opposed to solvent based produces.
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